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  July 6  ユニ製品、SA, Mastery製品等を発注します。
    Will order items by Uni Products and Scientific Anglers.
If you are looking for something, please contact now.
A discount will be applied on an order of 50 Uni Thread and more. 
   July 5  北海道においても洪水、土砂災害が起こっています。が特に被害の大きい地域は、数週間釣りどころではないという状況が予想されます。表面的に被害が見られない地域も、不用意に林道に車両を入れることは避けましょう。崩落にあうと、車両を出すことができなくなります。徒歩、自転車でも十分な用意、計画を持って山に入ってください。
    Due to disastrous rainfall across the nation, some areas will stay dangerous and unfishable for weeks.
Don't try to enter back roads by car. A landslide will disable you to drive out ever.
If you fish in a forest, do so on foot or by bike with enough prep and planning, after water gets low enough.
On a wet and soft soil, land and big trees may fall anytime.  
   May 21 セミの釣りが始まりそうです     
     Dry fly fising with ciada will start soon.    
   May 2 連絡の取れないお客様へのメッセージ     
    Notice to a customer in Hawaii.
We sent a message to you on April 24. However we got an error message from the internet service provider today.
If you copy, can you send a message from another email address of yours, please? It seems that we cannot send a mail to your current one.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.



Cicada A BH Mirage Minnow Pete's Poacher A
 Sculpin Monkage Spider
Higenaga Caddis Dry A
 MaXtool Releaser Clamps
MaXtool Scissors
Starting at \550
 Uni Products
Mono Thread


 Uni Products

Scientific Anglers
Frequency Trout

Response Products
 SA Freshwater Tippet
Liquid Fusion

  High Float Fly Fiber - Coarse
Living Eye
Loon Outdoors

 SA Fly Floatant
Marabou Strung Blood Quills
Turkey Biot Quills
Hareline Dubbin
Para Post Wing
 Hareline Dubbin
Doc's Dry Dust
Payette Paste
  MaXtool Pouch
Scientific Anglers
Sharkwave Ultimate Trout
Uni Products
Uni Mylar Tinsel






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