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9/7 現状をみて、ダイナキングの発送は少し遅らせるようにしましたので、ご予約品受付可能です。

9/15 各運送サービスはほぼ平常に戻っています。

9/17 台風以降、増水気味だった各河川も落ち着いてきました。ドライフライができる場所もあります。山間部の釣りは十分な調査、準備、注意を持ってお願いします。不慣れな方は無理せずに安全な場所で楽しんでください。

   As you know we had a massive quake on Sep 6. First off we are fine. Lifeline has been back before long. We appreciate all personnels who worked so hard to restore infrastructure, provide supplies, rescue victims etc.

Our condolences go to all victims and families.

And we thank you all for offering accommodation, supply and any kind of help. All messages from around the world is much appreciated. We are just fine.

We had a huge typhoon the day before so the soil was wet and soft. Water was so high and murky. The photo above is our neighboring creek. Not so serious here but epicenter area got a huge gash.

9/15 Japan Post started shipping to Hokkaido on Monday. Things getting back to normal.

9/17 Most rivers have become relatively fishable after the big typhoon. However mountain streams can be very dangerous so if you plan to go, prep yourself more than enough.
  13 Sep  各商品入荷     
     A freight arrived.    
   26 August Dyna-King製品を発注します。
8/29までご予約受け付けます。 (延期しました 9/8)

    Will place an order from Dyna-King.
If you want any, contact us for booking by 29th.
(Extended due to quake. Sep 8)

Many Forcing Cones will come this time.
  26 August Scientific Anglers製品入荷     
     Scientific Anglers products come in stock    
  24 August ユニ製品到着
      Items of Uni Products arrived.    
  22 August ヘアライン製品入荷予定。
    Hareline Dubbin products will come
in Sep. 

Cicada A BH Mirage Minnow Pete's Poacher A
 Sculpin Monkage Spider
Higenaga Caddis Dry A
 MaXtool Releaser Clamps
MaXtool Scissors
Starting at \550
 Uni Products
Mono Thread


 Uni Products

Scientific Anglers
Frequency Trout

Response Products
 SA Freshwater Tippet
Liquid Fusion

  High Float Fly Fiber - Coarse
Living Eye
Loon Outdoors

 SA Fly Floatant
Marabou Strung Blood Quills
Turkey Biot Quills
Hareline Dubbin
Para Post Wing
 Hareline Dubbin
Doc's Dry Dust
Payette Paste
  MaXtool Pouch
Scientific Anglers
Sharkwave Ultimate Trout
Uni Products
Uni Mylar Tinsel









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