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Uni Products
Uni Thread 8/0

ユニ・スレッド 8/0

200 yard ¥400

White, Light cahill, Yellow, Fl. chartreuse, Orange, Purple, Olive dun, Gray, Rusty dun, Tan, Camel, Wine, Red, Light olive, Green, Dark brown, Rusty brown, Light blue, Royal blue, Doctor blue, Black, Pink, Iron gray, Fire orange, Olive

Fl. green
  Fl. green was added for 2018. Mahogany will also come in stock in 2019.

The most popular thread. 72 denier. 8/0 is the most often used in our studio.

Fineness and smoothness make beautiful trout sized flies. Also used for wet flies and salmon flies which you want to make the head nice and compact.

If you tie stream dry flies and nymphs in Japan and often break your thread, it is likely that something is wrong with your tools like bobbin or technique.

We stock Uni Thread in 3 sizes that sum up to somewhere from 400 to 800.
   2018年、Fl greenが追加されました。2019年、Mahoganyが加わります。



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