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Monkage Parachute 


  Monkagerou is one of the mayflies of which people try to make real imitation. Lake Akan, Lake Kussharo are 2 of some famous hatching spots but there are many creeks which have good monkagerou hatches with sand bars. There are many other patterns to fish with monkagerou but this fly is for fun. If fish takes this fly drifting beside real mayfly, you won't forget the sight for good.

A pair of yacht shaped wings is characteristic for this fly. This imitates madara kagerou, Japanese common mayfly but works great in many cases. Please cast this fly gently so that this fly lands surface slowly. When wind picks up this fly, it hold fast on the surface just like a real mayfly.
Medium dun, Light dun, Dark dun
Black, Brown, Rusty brown,Gunmetal
Olive dun, Yellow dun, Orange dun
Light cahill, Olive

Grizzly, Black, Brown, Olive, Gray dun
Badger, Orange grizzly, Olive grizzly,
Yellow Grizzly 

Mottled brown, Mottled gray, Mottled cream



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