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Monkage Spider

  Monkagerou is one of the most popular and significant mayflies in Japan, especially for fly fishermen. There are hardly any big mayflies which bring fish so popularity of this species is quite high.

Generally they hatch sometime from May to July. The best action on a dry fly doesn't happen always so we need wet flies. This fly has no internal weight so it can float if you long cast it. you can use it as a dry fly but basic usage is slow stripping on a dry line or type 1 sinking line. Strip at a finger stroke, not wrist or elbow strokes for very slow twitching.

On a June day I was fishing at a very famous spot in Lake Akan which is one of the most famous lakes for Monkagerou mayflies. I was in a crowd of dry and wet fishermen. Everybody else caught almost nothing but I caught some fish in a row. I observed people around and came to the conclusion that presentation was the factor. They tended to cast too much. Picked up and shot again and again, which just ended up with scaring fish by whipping surface. And also people tried to wade as deeply as possible, which I thought was a mistake.

I don't like excessive false casts so usually cast with only 1 back cast as much as possible. So my fly stayed in the water 1.5 times longer than flies of other anglers. We became friendly to talk with each other so I offered some flies to them but no much difference was found. Presentation!

Casting is very important. With fewer false casts, deliver the fly instantly, which makes a big difference.

In the late Monkagerou season, duns disappear and spinners show up more and more. Even under such a situation, this fly often outfish realistic spinner imitation dry flies. We are very proud of this fly. Don't forget this fly!
Monkage tan
Hare's ear, Black
Gunmetal, Gray, Olive
Dark olive, Chartreuse dun, Orange dun
Yellow dun, Brown, Dark brown
Rusty brown
#8-12 Long

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