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Silver March Brown Spider

  I don't know if this very name exists but we call this fly Silver March Brown Spider. I omit the quill wings off the epic wet fly, Silver March Brown, and give some arrangement.

Originally this fly traces back to an old day. A master showed me a fly on the bank of Lake Chuzenji in the late 90's. The fly had no tail but had more fur on the body. He said, "It is between Silver March Brown and March Brown. This works very well on Honmasu(lake dwelling landlocked cherry salmon)". I made some similar flies and a good result came shortly.

Years later I was struggling with some difficult caddis rises every night in BC, Canada. My killer caddis dry which I trusted started not to work late June and I was at a loss.
Nothing worked on some unreal splashing rises so I stood upstream and cast this fly, remembering the master's voice. It didn't take seconds till fish grabbed the magical soft hackle fly. I caught fish after fish after that and got agape when rises finished at about 10pm. I had been keen on making realistic dry flies every night but this fly which never looked like a real insect caught most rising fish. This incident blew me completely and eversince I never leave home without these killer soft hackle wets. Works wonderfully in lakes and rivers.

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