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Long Leg Hair Caddis DB

  Around 2005 I was working on elk hair wing. An idea came on me. That is to clip only the middle and leave the sides long so that they can be used as buggy legs. The first fly I made was a beetle then used many other insect imitations. Eversince we have remarkable successes.

This fly is very popular and effective. Some people don't want to use Elk Hair Caddis, as it is too common. This fly is for such people. As a rising fly and pilot fly, you can use this in many cases Make sure to rub the side legs to make them buggy before cast.

We drop glue into the base of the wing.
Medium dun, Light dun, Dark dun
Black, Brown, Rusty brown,Gunmetal
Olive dun, Yellow dun, Orange dun
Light cahill, Olive, Orange, Yellow
Purple, Blue, Green, Chartreuse
Orange brown, Yellow brown, Gray brown

Under wing
Medium dun, Light dun, Dark dun
Brown, Olive dun, Orange dun
Yellow dun, Tannish dun
White, Pink, Orange, Black
Yellow, Red, Chartreuse

Over wing
Dark, Medium, Light



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