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  If you want to learn fly tying from scratch, have problems with fly tying, want to improve more and etc, why don't you join our fly tying lesson. 

Fly tying has no rule so anybody can start by her/himself but there is a limitation to improvement. We show you how to tie cool and effective flies, solve your problems and correct what is wrong.

Fly tying lesson is held here in Sapporo. It is a small room in an apartment but should be enough for most tying demonstrations. If you want the lesson at your designated location, we might be able to do it at your extra cost.

Please feel free to contact us for details.

  •  Basic tying materials and tools are included.
  • You may take pictures of the demo but no motion picture. Uploading in the internet is banned without authorization.
  • Basic rate has to be pre-paid.
  • 基本的なマテリアル、ツールはこちらで用意します。特別に希望されるマテリアル等がない場合は、手ぶらで構いません。
  • 写真、動画等を撮影して、無断でインターネット上に載せることはお断りします。
  • 事前に基本料金のお支払をお願いします。

レッスン内容 Lesson  料金 2時間 Rate for 2h 料金 3時間 Rate for 3h 
Dry fly, Nymph, Soft hackle  ¥5,800- ¥8,000-
Streamer, Wet fly  ¥6,500-  ¥9,000-

Add 50% to basic rate for 2 students
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