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  Basically we teach trout fishing at creek, bigger river, still water and what not. We cover rise fishing, wet fly fishing, nymphing, streamer fishing, etc in all water speed (from stillwater to headwater) but are specialized in sinking line fishing. Even if no action is seen on the surface, we have a chance to hook up with big fish on the bottom.

We do traditional wet fly fishing and North American modern sinking fishing. Traditional wet fly fishing covers only near the surface so we believe that sinking line fishing has the more profound and infinite world. In stillwater, we teach everything such as dry fly fishing, nymphing, streamer fishing.

If you want to brush up your fishing skills, feel free to contact us for details.





  • Please bring your tackle. Line should be cleaned for the best performance.
  • Uploading pictures and motion pictures in the internet is banned without authorization.
  • Basic rate has to be pre-paid.
  • Please buy insurance.
  • Transportation cost may be necessary.
  • Basically our SUV is used. It is maintained and serviced by the excellent dealer. In case of accident, private car insurance covers your damage. Masa's driving license is Gold(top grade) with no accident/violation history record. But your items might not be covered when break-in happens by assholes.
  • 基本的には普段お持ちのタックルをご持参下さい。
  • 写真、動画等を撮影して、無断でインターネット上に載せることはお断りします。
  • 基本料金は、事前にお振込みをお願いします。
  • 保険にご加入いただきます。
  • 交通費を別途請求することがあります。
  • 原則、当方の車両(ディーラーによる車検、整備万全)を使用します。自動車保険に関してはお客様の分もカバーされるよう確認、手配済みです。任意保険20等級、ゴールド免許ですので、ご安心ください。ただし、車上荒らしの場合、手荷物に保険が下りない場合があります。

Fishing lesson  料金 4時間 Rate for 4h 料金 8時間 Rate for 8h 
1 person ¥14,000- ¥20,000-
 2 persons  ¥20,000- ¥30,000-
 Rental rod / reel (Sage, G Loomis, Orvis, Scientific Anglers, Abel, Loop etc)   ¥2,000 
 Rental Waders  (Simms, WIlliam Joseph, Patagonia etc)   ¥1,500 

 基本メニュー 札幌市南区もしくは中央区発


Basic menu starts at Sapporo Minami ward or Chuo ward.
If you need accommodation, APA hotel in Kawazoe, Minami ward is recommended.
Shuttle bus from Shin Chitose Airport, free bus from Makomanai Station available.

If you want to be picked up at Shin Chitose Airport or other places, additional charge will be applied.

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