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Forcing Cone
for Professional, Supreme



  For Pedestal or Clamp  
  Forcing Cone is a threaded adjustment metal cap over the jaw.

"My Dyna-King vise jaws got stuck and won't open." We hear this from time to time.

Instruction manuals which come with Dyna-King vises tell users never to dial Forcing Cone, when jaw is closed. In Japan most retailers don't explain because it is written in English. Users in trouble reach us, saying, "I ended up with you after the internet researches."

First off, never turn Forcing Cone, when cam lever is locked.

If you should turn the Cone, inside cone can be damaged and it makes jaw open and close clumsily. Jaw may hesitate to open, when you open the cam lever first. In a serious case, your jaw won't open. This is out of order. It is the best way to send your vise to Dyna-King , inc. for repair but it costs a lot from Japan. Exchanging Forcing Cone can fix the problem in many cases.

So far we hear from many users in trouble and all the cases were solved by the Cone exchange.

You might want to use a new cone, if you feel movement of your jaw is not as smooth as when brand new.

All cases were solved till this day but there may be another cause. When exchange doesn't work on your case, we don't accept return or refund. Your jaw might have some damage or distorted, which can damage a brand new Forcing Cone. Therefore we cannot resell the Cone which has been tried and returned.
Some very old vises might come with the Forcing Cone which look different from the latest model. But thread pattern and diameter are the same so it should fit your vise.

Forcing Cone come in 2 sizes. Jaw has 3 sizes but only 2 Cones cover all vises.

For Pro, Sup
Professional, Supreme

For Pr, Ar, Vy, Sq
Prince, Aristocrat, Voyager, Squire, Kingfisher, Rotary vises.

Please contact us, if you are not sure what model you have.










For Pro, Sup
Professional, Supreme

For Pr, Ar, Vy, Sq
Prince, Aristocrat, Voyager, Squire, Kingfisher, Rotary vises.


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