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  About product logos     商品のロゴについて  
  Our origin was a fly factory studio. Although we have a wide selection of fly tying materials, fly fishing gear and more in stock today, we don't have everything like an average fly shop does. Basically our strength is fishing flies and beyond. We don't focus on fishing rods or reels.

We are sorry for your inconvenience but our website has no shopping cart system but shows products we stock or can bring in for you as a web catalogue style.




  It is impossible to stock all items which we can bring, as there are tons of products which our distributors and suppliers carry. Excessive stock covered with dust deteriorates our money flow, which raises average prices of our products. We only focus on the products which sell fast and stock so many of those, which should be more than average fly shops do. For instance, more than 1k of spool materials are stocked at any given time.

We offer some of the best prices in Japan. When your item is out of stock, we can bring it in, although it may take weeks to even months in some cases. If you are not in a hurry, we are sure that you enjoy shopping with us. Simply because hardly any competitors can beat our price and service in Japan.

When we import your items exclusively for you, we might need a deposit. If you cancel the product, it is hard for us to sell it, which is a problem. So we can bring in anything you want but please promise to buy it. This policy is important for us to keep good prices.

If the timing is perfect, you won't wait for a long time. But if the freight just arrived, we won't have the next shot for weeks or months. In that case we will explain the situation. If you want to book your products, we will ask you if you still want them, when we place an order from supplier. If you still do, please pay a deposit (if needed) then we will import your items. We won't ask you to pay a deposit way beforehand.
   These availability logos don't show precise or timely inventory. There are thousands of items in stock so it is very hard to keep up with the latest inventory. Those logos help you knowing which items are regulars in our shelves and which are not.     在庫が大変細かく、流動的な為、すべての在庫状況を公開できるような状態ではありません。ユニスレッド1つをとって、それだけで5種類を取り扱い(6/0 200yard, 6/0 50 yard, 8/0 200yard, 8/0 50yard, 3/0 100yard)色は20数色になりますので、これだけでも膨大な数になります。これが数千商品ですので、在庫の正確なネット表示は困難です。したがって、ウェブサイトのロゴの通りの在庫状況でないことがあります。リアルタイム在庫状況と言うよりも、当店での定番在庫商品化、お取り寄せ専門商品かという概ねの目安でご参照ください。

   Please check them out before you start to browse our catalogue. Thank you very much.     在庫や取扱い方法については下記のアイコン説明をご覧ください。ご不明点はお気軽にメールまたはお電話でお問い合わせください。表示上、在庫がない商品でも在庫がある場合もあります。  

  Logo details    ロゴの説明   
  Quite simple. Blue items sell well. Greens sell so so. Yellows sell sometimes. Reds seldom sell.

We stock popular products and don't stock reds which seldom make profits. If you book a unpopular product, we need a deposit, while we don't need a deposit, when you want popular products.

There are some exceptions but this is simple theory and rule.


   We basically have a full selection or a very good selection.
However we don't always guarantee its availability. Some can be out of stock for the moment.
  A product with this icon is our regular item. No color, size or type. Basically we have this product in stock.
However we don't always guarantee its availability. Some can be out of stock for the moment.
  We have some of these in stock. Not all colors or sizes are stocked.
However we don't always guarantee its availability. Some can be out of stock for the moment.
  A product with this icon is our semi-regular item. no color, size or type. We try to have this product in stock.
However we don't always guarantee its availability. Some can be out of stock for the moment.
  We have a few of these in stock. Not all colors or sizes are stocked. Basically poor selection but better than nothing.
However we don't always guarantee its availability. Some can be out of stock for the moment.
  We basically don't have this item in stock. To buy this, please contact us. We will arrange a parcel and import your item. Our regular freights from each manufacturers, distributors and suppliers come every weeks to months. If the timing is bad, you need to wait for months. If you are right on time, you can get the item in as quickly as a few weeks

However we sometimes stock red-icon items for some reason. So please don't hesitate to contact us.
  We basically have this item in stock but sold out for the moment. We plan to get them or have arranged a freight. So they should be back to our inventory soon. Please book your item today.



  This item has been discontinued or we no longer have access unfortunately. For reference, we keep showing these "no longer" items.      

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