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MaXtream Fly
Flash Wrap


Black, Burgundy, Silver, Gold
Purple, Cerise, Hot pink
Orange, Lime, Olive, Tan
Olive brown, White, Dark gray, Light gray
  Wrap these around hook shank and your flies are ready. You can simply use it over the bare hook shank but also put some dubbing material as a foundation for a thicker fly. In the photo of some sample flies, 2 colors are used respectively. So blend your favorite colors for your best flies. Fibers are about 10mm long. 2 yard per pack.    裸のシャンクに巻きつけるだけでなく、ダビング材などをファンデーションに巻くと太めのシルエットに仕上がります。サンプル画像では2色を一緒に巻きつけています。ファイバーは約10mm、2ヤード入り。  

 Home About us Shopping   Flies  Products  Service Media   Footage  Link Contact  

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