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Liquid Fusion


  This water based clear urethane glue works and looks like epoxy but without the mixing or smell. Great for coating eyes, heads and wingcases. Can be thinned down with water for a more penetrating thin formula for heads or wingcases.

This 2 oz bottle suppliers enough amount for your fun. Compared with 5 minute epoxy, this is easy to use and safe to your body. Viscosity is something like epoxy in summer time. Unlike epoxy, this doesn't get very runny by heat but in winter you might want to heat it up with a hair dryer or something.

For the past years, UP glues have been popular but they are pricey. If economy comes first, we recommend this product, while if your priority is speed and efficiency, you can use UP glues. This product cures in 1-3 hours so you need to have a rotating dryer.




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