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High Float Fly Fiber


Olive dun, Brown dun, Yellow dun, Orange dun, Red dun, White, Dun white, Medium dun, Dark dun, Light dun, Dark brown, Brown, Yellow brown, Orange brown, Oive brown, Red brown, Gun metal, Gray, Light gray, Adams gray, Yellow, Red, Reddish orange, Orange, Pink, Light olive, Olive, Yellow olive, Green, Butter cream, Black, cobalt, Light cahill, Sulphur orange, Green drake, Plum, Pale blue, Lilac, Emerald, Turquise
  Light-weight fine fiber which can be used as dubbing, body material, wing and more. This is much coarser than its brother "Fine" and generates more floatation but isn't suitable for tiny flies due to its bulkiness and stiffness.    少し粗めで軽量のマテリアルは、ウイング・ダビング他多目的に使えます。高浮力を生むウイング材としてお勧めです。ファインよりも大型のフライ向けで高浮力を生みますが、そのゴワゴワ性ゆえ、極小のフライには向きません。完全な使い分けが必要です。  

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