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  Hokkaido rainbow
  Dusk and 'bow
   Deer came to look
  Toshi and Sugi   
   Brutal eater from Hokkaido stream
  Taka and Masa drifting a river in Hokkaido.   
   親分みたいな顔をした北海道の一匹。    北海道川下り  
   Kyt with bonefish
Photo by Kenzie Cuthbert
  One of our biggest rainbow in Hokkaido  
   John looking for Yamame.
  Yoshi casting   
  Niko with sailfish in Mexico.
He rose 7 fish, hooked 4 and landed 1 in 2 day trip.
The sailfish slams the fly going 120km/h and takes our
500+ meters of line in about 30 seconds. Live released.
Proudly in a Germany jersey :) Congrats!


Photo by Niko Homberg
   April in Hokkaido
   Nao in Tokachi River
   Amemasu char
  Salmon run in Hokkaido 
  Migratory ocean going arctic char close to the North Pole
Photo by Niko Homberg
  Tatsuya with bright coho in Cowichan River in BC, Canada.
Photo by Tatsuya Hakuhata
   Shiny cheek
   Shogo casting a dry fly.
  Swans in Hokkaido 
   Mantis    Deo on Bow River
   カマキリは獰猛でした。    世界的に有名なボウ・リバー。
Photo by Deo Abesamis
  All Photos were shot and digitized by Masa Araki, unless noted.  
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