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Cicada A
セミ A 


  Type A has a soft buggy body. Apply a bit of floatant thinly over the body.

Cicada is one of the highlights of summer fishing in Japan. There are few places in Honshu and west where trout get crazy about cicada but Hokkaido has so many spots for cicada fishing. Depending on altitude, Ezoharuzemi, Hokkaido Spring Cicada, start singing around end of May and disappear in about 2 weeks. Fish go crazy after this gigantic meals during the chorus season but even if they are gone, fish keep taking cicada flies, simply because we assume they cannot forget the taste of the seasonal delicacy.

We usually use leaders and tippets in size about 2x. For gin clear water we might have to drop down to 4x but that is the lowest.

Near Kanto region, Lake Chuzenji offers hot cicada experiences in June. Year 2013 was very hot with cicada actions and we got a report that our cicada fly caught a brown trout over 70cm. Another customer of ours had 10 bites in one morning, which is rare in the difficult lake.

If you are on a boat or a float tube,the best bet is casting along the shore and structures like trees, weed and etc but too much in and out is not good. Once you cast a fly out, leave it for minutes, with some line retrieval to bring some loose line.

When you fish from the shore in a clear water lake such as Lake Shikotsu, Lake Kussharo, Lake Chuzenji, stop wading deep. You might as well sit on the shore or a rock so that fish can come closer. If you wade deep to try to cast as far as possible, you will fail in most cases. Fish come really close to you, if you stay invisible and silent.

I read some articles saying windy days produce more fish because wind will knock cicada off the trees but I don't think so. We observe so many cases and came to the conclusion that cicada try to fly fooling around on a calm day. Then they fail and drop on the water by accident, which lures more fish to the surface. Even on a very sunny day, fish don't seem super leader-shy. We have successful trips on sunny hot days.
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