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   Outline   概要   
   MaXtream Fly e-Bargain offers a further discount on the regular prices listed on our website. The bargain prices won't be shown on the website so only registered members have a chance to enjoy this great opportunity.

 This covers flies, tying materials, fly fishing gear and more. Quantity is limited so please forgive us for sold-out. In some cases we may be able to offer the same price until the out-of-stock items arrive but it depends on the case.

 We think we offer some of the best prices domestically by spending a lot of time on researches and cutting unnecessary cost. Many of our loyal customers have chosen us among many other competitors in the industry. We don't stop seeking exciting services and will keep up our unique business.

 Our bargain prices may change depending on the money exchange rate and other factors.

MaXtream Fly e-Bargain is an irregularly distributed e-mail flyer service that you will love and wait for the next shot.
 If you love a good price, don't hesitate to register today. We might have a juicy discount tomorrow.

 MaXtream Fly e-Bargainは、通常ウェブサイトで公開している価格から更に値下げをして商品を販売するものです。価格はウェブサイト上では一切公開しませんので、登録されたお客様のみ特別価格でお買い物していただけます




 MaXtream Fly e-Bargain
   Qualification   資格   
    Anyone who have shopped at MaXtream Fly Studio before is qualified to become a member. In order to block bantering, spies and etc, we only send e-Bargain letters to our customers.
 If you have no qualification, simply shop with us one time.
一度MaXtream Fly Studioで購入していただいたお客様が対象です。冷やかし、スパイ行為等を予防するために、信頼のおけるご購入歴のあるお客様のみとさせていただきます。
  Registration    ご登録   
  In order to receive our MaXtream Fly e-Bargain letters, you need to register. It is a free service and we will send you e-mails to let you know some of our best priced deals.

 Please send an email to us with the following information.

  • Your name
  • Country
  • Zip
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Your birth month (we may send a birth day discount)
  • Your favorite brand
  • Favorite type of fly fishing
 MaXtream Fly e-Bargainを受信するため、ご登録下さい。完全無料の登録サービスで、バーゲン時にご案内いたします。

  • お名前
  • 郵便番号
  • ご住所お電話番号
  • メールアドレス
  • お誕生月(お誕生月ディスカウント・オファーを送る場合があります)
  • お好きなメーカー
  • お好きなフライフィッシングの種類

  Process 流れ  
   As soon as we receive your registration, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. You will be entitled to join our bargain..

 If no confirmation e-mail sent back, please contact us again.


  Feedback お願い  
   As both retailers and wholesalers, inventory is the key factor to its success. If unpopular products are heavily stocked, one might have to raise prices of sellable products to recover the loss.
 Our policy is "Focus on the products which sell quickly. Once-stocked products should go soon". We don't really care about a gorgeous selection or appearance. If most of them are covered with dust, it is pointless. We spend a lot of time in seeking the products which sell very well and stock them in a large number.
 From our past experiences, we think we know what products sell well and don't sell. However your feedback is important for us to choose what we stock. Healthy money flow enables us to lower the prices and you must be happy with that.
 Our great service is based on our patron's feedback. Any advice, feedback would be appreciated.

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