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  Dyna-King vises are made for fly tying exclusively but now and then we receive inquires from anglers other than fly fishermen. The most common case would be rubber jig making for bass fishing and what not. And some other bait fishermen were interested in fly tying vises to make their rigs.

Recently a lure fisherman who wants to make the "assist hooks" on his own contacted us, which made us think of miscellaneous usage by non-flyfishermen. There are hardly any fly hooks which cannot be used on Dyna-King vises but the hooks used for other fishing methods may not fit in. I decided to take some shots so that non fly tyers can get an idea if their hooks can be used on Dyna-King.

I hope these following photos can help people who are interested in Dyna-King products.



  Dyna-King Standard Jaw has 2 grooves so bigger hooks should be placed in either groove. In the photo a deeper one is used. This #6/0 fly hook is secured tightly.    ダイナキングのスタンダード・ジョーには2本の溝が切ってありますので、大きなフックはその溝に合わせて固定します。画像では太い溝を使用していますが、この巨大な#6/0のフライフックも動きません。  
Dyna-King makes 3 kinds of jaws in size.

   The biggest one used for Supreme, Professional, etc.     まずProfessional, Supremeなどの一番大きく長いもの。  

   Middle sized one for Prince, etc.    Princeなどの真ん中のサイズ。  

  The smallest one for full rotary models such as Barracuda and small conventional models such as Kingfisher.    Barracudaなどのフル・ロータリー全般やKingfisherなどに使われる小さいサイズ。  
  As you see, lengths of cylinders holding the jaw are different but even smallest one can hold a big hook very securely. I guess the biggest model may offer the best stability but the smallest models are still very stable and reliable. You can choose any model at your budget and will be happy.

It seems that they can handle hooks which are 1.5 times thicker than the hook used in this test. What matters is thickness of the wire, not length of the hook.

If you planto use much bigger hooks, feel free to contact us for details.




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