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Woolly Bugger - Cut Hackle


  The Woolly Bugger is probably the best tied and selling streamers in the world. Its simplicity and effectiveness make people patriotic. We don't like the same fly as everybody else has so gave some arrangement. Woolly Buggers we don't like have a skinny body and a thin hackle. Average Woolly Bugger seem bulky in the air but once it gets into the water, volume is gone. We like Wooly Buggers which still stay bulky in the water. This is why we started to use a long hackle and clip it so that butt part of the fiber can be used. Since sometime around 2003, we have been using this pattern and successful.

Hackle is over wrapped by a wire for durability. And buggy body is picked out after wrapping a hackle and a wire.

So this is our special proven fly. You choose the main color of the tail and we put a bit of black fibers over for better appearance. This fly has no internal weight. If you want a weighted ones, please choose the beadhead version.
White, Black, Blue
Pink, Purple, Yellow
Red, Orange, Green
Olive, Olive brown, Rusty brown
Brown, Dark brown
Gray, Tan, Chartreuse

Hare's ear, Tan, Black
Gunmetal, Gray, Olive
Dark olive, Chartreuse dun, Orange dun
Yellow dun, Brown, Dark brown
Rusty brown, White
Pink, Yellow, Red
Orange, Chartreuse

Black, Grizzly, Grizzly olive
Grizzly orange, Grizzly Yellow
Grizzly Pink, Grizzly red
Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue
Brown, Brown speckled
Olive, White
#6-12 Long

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