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All Purpose Nymph A
万能ニンフ A

  Hairy spiky fur nymph works in many situations. These flies don't imitate specific insects but can be recognized as many insects by fish.

Making super real nymphs, putting precisely imitated legs and stuff is a fun. But this doesn't necessarily brings fish, while these abstract patterns work much better.

This fly comes with bead head so doesn't suit the spots where fish feed in a deep column or water is very shallow and slow. When rises are not seen, we tend to see, "Metabolism is low". However fish might feed nymphs voraciously in deep spots. If what we have to do is bingo, we can catch fish after fish.

Also good for fishing ponds.

Hare's ear, Chinchilla, Black
Olive dun, Orange dun, Yellow dun
Tan, Chartreuse dun

Gold, Silver nickel, Black nickel 

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