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 Black Ant Parachute

   Ants are very important insects. Ant patters are often used and catch many fish. Especially after the end of rainy season in July, ant flies show remarkable outcome. After casting bright color fly such as Elk Hair Caddis with no fish, we often catch fish after fish upon using ant flies.
 When I was a kid, I ate some ants and remember they tasted sweet and sour. I bet fish love this juicy meal.
 Black ant patterns are hard to see on the water so most ant flies come with bright color indicators. If the indicator is too big, fish sometimes avoid the fly. It is good to use a marker pen to color it dark on the spot.

Black, Speckled badger

Medium dun, Light dun, Dark dun
Black, Brown, Rusty brown,Gunmetal
Gray, Adams gray, White
Olive dun, Yellow dun, Orange dun
Light cahill, Olive, Orange, Yellow
Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Chartreuse
Orange brown, Yellow brown, Gray brown
Tannish dun, Sulphur orange 

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