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Terrestrial Parachute A

  Beautiful striped terrestrial pattern.

Parachute flies are, generally speaking, easy to use and stable in balance so you can use these flies for general purpose. Suitable for blind fishing, too.
Black and white
Black and yellow
Black and orange
Black with olive
Black and chartreuse
Black and gray

Grizzly, Black, Brown, Olive, Gray dun
Badger, Orange grizzly, Olive grizzly,
Yellow Grizzly 

Medium dun, Light dun, Dark dun
Black, Brown, Rusty brown,Gunmetal
Gray, Adams gray, White
Olive dun, Yellow dun, Orange dun
Light cahill, Olive, Orange, Yellow
Purple, Blue, Green, Chartreuse
Orange brown, Yellow brown, Gray brown
Tannish dun, Sulphur orange



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