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  Higenaga Caddis Dry A
ヒゲナガ・カディス・ドライ A

  I created many patterns based on our own experiences and observation but this fly should be one of the most successful flies of all. In Hokkaido Higenaga caddis starts to hatch thickly around the end of May. We used to use Muddler Minnow and other caddis patterns but often encountered very difficult rises. After many trials, the prototype of this fly turned out to work very well.

My original design, spread shaggy hair legs had been made a few years before. I used this technique and made some flies. These flies worked dramatically.

In 2007 a patron of ours struggled to catch bigger fish abut no way. He happened to try this fly (former version) and ended up with some big trophies. After that he became patriotic with this fly. He never used other flies from spring to autumn and caught many big rainbow year after year. At the same time another patron of ours gave me a report that Oshino rainbow took this fly without hesitation. Oshino is a very famous spot for extremely finicky fish due to fishing pressure. The river is fed with spring water from Mt. Fuji and super nutritious water make fish grow so fast. Many people come home with no fish there so the report was meaningful to me.

Let me explain a bit about the spread shaggy hair legs. Around 2005 I was working on elk hair wing. An idea came on me. That is to clip only the middle and leave the sides long so that they can be used as buggy legs. The first fly I made was a beetle then used many other insect imitations. Eversince we have remarkable successes.

Before cast, make sure to rub the legs with a slight coating of floatant so that legs look shaggy and buggy. We use a tippet bigger than 3x. At night time, around 1x is recommended.

This pattern was featured in an American book in 2013.


Mottled gray, Mottled cream, Mottled brown

Long shank


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