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 MaXtream Fly Studio is run by a very experienced fly fisher who handles fly rods, cameras, computers, camping gear and some sense of humor in English / Japanese.
Being professional fly tiers, we produce many quality flies day after day.

We are in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, Japan. Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world but forests outside the metropolis are wild and hold some trout.

Hokkaido offers some world class fishing. We still have some odd Sakhalin taimen over 1m (40"), some native salmon, char and trout, besides introduced big wild rainbows and browns. We have seen a photo of a brown trout weighing over 25lb. caught by a local bait fisherman. Hokkaido may be Patagonia or Arkansas in Japan. Wild rainbow trout attack big dry flies in gin clear water like NZ rainbows do. 28" rainbow trout is not uncommon. Our native char called amemasu are over 30" long and plenty in number in some rivers. Most foreigners were amazed at those magnificent native fish. See? Japan still has some amazing fishing paradises.

Many people around the world may think Japan has nothing but traffic jams, high buildings and smoky factories. However we still have some great fisheries in the wilderness where grizzly bears abound.

MaXtream Fly Studio used to run a business in Yokohama so we know its severe trout fishing in Honshu Island.



 Fly fishingは元々海外の遊びですが、日本でも認知度が高くなり、割と釣りをしない方にも浸透して来ています。海外でつりをされる日本人の方も、日本でつりをされる外国人の方も入り混じって、皆が楽しくできることを願っています。



 Our on-line store sells quality fishing flies, tying materials, fly fishing gear ,etc. If you are in the market for fly fishing equipment, we are likely to offer some of by far the best deals in Japan. We also provide some services such as lessons, guided trips, translation and more.

We open our brick fly shop on a appointment basis. Gone out fishing often so make sure to contact us before visiting us. Our shop imports and sells fly tying materials, tying tools, fly fishing gear, fly fishing books, outdoor gear and what not, so if you are looking for something, contact us. We don't mean to stock everything but choose and focus on only the hot items and sell them out quickly before they get dusty. Thanks to this quick circulation, we can offer the best prices nationwide.

It can be difficult for foreigners living/staying in Japan to shop fly fishing equipment but we are here for you. Don't worry about not speaking Japanese with us. There are many fly fishing tackle shops in Japan but few can cope with non-Japanese customers at the professional level. English speaking clerks with profound knowledge at a fly fishing shop in Japan are quite rare. Advice by commercial pro fly tyers is essential.

It is not easy for all foreigners to fly fish freely in Japan ,due to limited information offered in other languages than Japanese. We hope more people from abroad can spend great time here. So it is one of our goals to make a community where foreigners can get together to share the fun of fly fishing in this country. The internet has an infinite possibility so we are pretty positive about our future.
You cannot find a good fly fishing store in your vicinity? You need proper advice to start fly fishing? No idea where to go? Looking for an English speaking fly fishing guide? Hard time to shop online in Japan with so many Kanji? We might not be able to solve every single problem you hit but we at least will do our best. Contact us today, if you are in trouble.

If you want to enrich your fly fishing life, we will do our best for your demands with lots of services. Thankfully we are firmly connected with friends and business partners domestically and internationally.

When it comes to fishing a new water, information can be priceless. Even though we have to charge you as a business, we basically want to help foreigners who are dying to fly fish in Japan besides our business. Some services can be complimentary depending on the case. We have helped many foreigners who came to Japan and fly fish. Receiving their reports makes our day.

If you are a fly fishing/outdoor company, distributor, fishing guide, etc and want to sell your products or work with us somehow, please feel free to contact us. We always appreciate a new business chance. We don't take every offer but at least will be happy and respond to you.

Once in a while, we encounter people who just try to crop info about secret fishery without saying who they are. We don't mean to waste time and energy for them. We are very nice to nice people but no hands to people without common courtesy. We appreciate your initial contact with your name, address and phone number.

Thank you very much

Owner and operator
    海外メーカー、ロッジ、ツアーへのお問い合わせ、ウェブ上の記事、海外雑誌、専門書の日英翻訳なども行っています。一般的な英語翻訳会社は数多く存在しますが、フライの専門用語を扱うのは非常に困難です。tailing loopやfalse castと言われても一般の翻訳家では要領を得ることができません。フライフィッシングの専門的な日英翻訳は我々にお任せください。トラウトやサーモンのフライフィシングを専門としますが、ルアーのバス、トラウト・フィッシング、ソルトウォーターなど他の釣りでも対応できる可能性がありますので、お気軽にお問い合わせください。







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