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  Thankfully in our business history, no customer has returned any item. So we think our service and quality should be satisfactory for you, too.

If an item has an inherent problem, please contact us. We will give you a direction. We will get the item first and process refund or exchange.

Basically we don't accept return/refund of custom-made orders, special orders for you, translation and other invisible services.

If you find a defect, please stop using it and possibly other similar items. We don't accept used items for refund.

When you want to return an item without any problem but you just don't like it, contact us. You can return it by paying all shipping cost, other cost and restocking fee (10%).

In all cases, you need our authorization first. We don't accept any selfish return without our authorization.
We have never experienced such a case so far.






 Home About us Shopping   Flies  Products  Service Media   Footage  Link Contact  

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