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  We don't use the shopping cart system, as there are too many kinds of products we can carry but the difference between products we stock and those we don't is quite large. For instance a parachute fly has a lot of variations (can be hundreds) so it is hard to process orders on the shopping cart. We are very sorry for inconvenience and thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

To place an order, please contact us by email, type or copy product names, specs (color, size, type...), quantities ,etc with your name, address, phone number.

You can call us if it is hard to type all products. Verbal order can cause a mistake so it is preferable that you have an email address so that we can send a digital quote invoice to you. Cell phone email has a limitation so computer email is good but most smart phones can handle PDF so such a system should be good enough.
   当ウェブショップはショッピング・カートを備えておりません。細かいご注文の際はお客様にご面倒おかけしますが、取り扱える商品数があまりに膨大で、実際に常備している商品の種類数との隔たりが大きく、お取り寄せ可能商品を出来るだけ沢山紹介するために、カタログ形式にしています。また、フライは細かい変更、ご要望などが多いため、とてもカートで 処理ができません。一つのパラシュートフライでさえも、各パーツを細かくオーダーされますと、数百通りになってしまうこともあります。





  We will reply quickly with a quote shown like above. If OK, please place an official order. We will ship it upon your payment. It takes a while to process fly orders. When we ship the parcel, we will send you an email with a tracking and other info.

Order by fax is acceptable but communication record is less clear than emails so if you can, please choose email.

Order by phone is welcome and possible but mistakes may occur so we don't prefer it. Inquiry by phone is welcome but an official order by email or fax is better

Feel free to contact us for any questions.



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