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  Thank you very much for visiting our website. We sell fly fishing related products and services.

As commercial fly tyers, we keep producing and shipping a myriad of high quality flies day after day. Flies are the central products of our business. If you are looking for quality flies, please go to .

We also sell fly fishing gear, fly tying materials, fly tying tools, accessories and more. Our policy is to be a lot different from other fly fishing stores in Japan so we don't deal with any distributors in Japan. Basically all foreign products are imported directly by us so we can offer some of the best prices across the country. Foreigners living or traveling in Japan have loved shopping with us. If you are after fishing fly fishing equipment, tying material, tying tools etc, please visit .

We don't have everything like average fly shops. We just stock the products which sell fast and constantly, while we never have slow products which tend to end up with dust in the corner of our warehouse. We skip products like stripping baskets or rod cases but focus on the products such as fly tying materials, fly lines, fly tying tools, floatants , etc. For instance Uni Thread is always stocked and we usually have 300-300 spools.

You can book any items which are out of stock at the moment. We will bring them in for you at the best price.

For other services like tying lesson, guided trip, translation and more, please check page.

We might be able to offer other various services which we don't cover here so if you think we can help you somehow, please email us. We will let you know if we can take care of you.







 Home About us Shopping   Flies  Products  Service Media   Footage  Link Contact  

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