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Junior Vise


  Despite the thrifty price, this vise can hold a hook very tightly. You tighten the jaw with the handle seen in right. There are 4 threaded holes for the handle so that you can choose any of those not to interfere with fly tying. The bottom hole should be chosen. You will understand the system, if you use it in 3 minutes.

This can hold stream trout flies very securely. Maybe better than a well known vise over ¥10000. On the contrary it is not suitable for big hooks. Thick wired hooks can slip in the jaw.

Due to its price range, it is easy for anybody to understand that this is not a lifetime vise. If you try fly tying, want to tie with your kids, friends, want to take a vise on your trip, etc, this vise is what you need. For these provisional use, this vise is excellent.

A coat of grease is over the body so please wipe off. No warranty so we cannot accept return, repair, except for an initial malfunction.




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