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Ultra Thread 70 Denier

ウルトラ・スレッド 70デニール

100 yard ¥300

White, Cream, Yellow, Hopper yellow
Burnt orange, Blue dun, Tan, Brown
Rusty brown, Wine, Red, Light olive, Yellow olive
Dark brown, Olive, Brown olive, Purple
Dark gray, Gray brown, Woodduck, Olive green
Peacock blue, Watery olive, Fl. yellow
Fl. orange, Fl. green, Fl. fire orange, Fl. white
Fl. shell pink, Fl. chartreuse, Fl. pink, Fl. cerise

70 Denier
  Silky smooth, extra strong, lightly waxed thread that lies flat and is slow building. This is a terrific tying thread and one of our favorites because of the wide range of colors, ease of use at the tying bench and excellent strength.    フラットゆえにユニ・スレッドなどと違ってスムーズに巻きとめることができます。凸凹が気になる小型フライなどで威力を発揮します。また色の展開も非常に魅力です。  

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