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 Cowichan River Wilderness Lodge

  Cowichan River Wilderness Lodge is a privately owned lodge and home situated in a natural setting on the scenic Cowichan River.  Nestled on the shores of this Heritage river, well known for its incredible fly fishing, our lodge is located near the town of Cowichan Lake, just 60-80 minutes from the major cities of Victoria and Nanaimo.  Guests may experience a sense of seclusion and closeness to nature while still being able to enjoy what the larger cities offer as well.

The owner Kyt and Kenzie Cuthbert and me Masa got to know each other when I was living in BC to learn fly fising . I was fishing 3 times a day and Kenzie was working as a fishing guide. We somehow got familar and I started to help his lodge construction like making the rock front gate and stuff. I had no working visa as a foreigner so never got any money but seal was fishing on his boat and stuff so I worked so hard. After I came back to Japan, the lodge was completed and opened in 2002.

Kenzie was featured in my TV shows, magazines etc. Very successful fishing guide with tough spirit.

Vancouver Island offers a year round fishing such as steelhead in winter, trout in spring to fall , smallmouth bass in late spring, salmon in summer to fall, Steelhead again in the fall. You won't be bored with the variety. Famous areas like Skeena can be explosive but fishing season is much shorter than on the Vancouver Island. If you have a chance to travel there, why not contact Kenzie or us.

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