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Wakasagi - Swimming

  Wakasagi is a very common freshwater smelt in Japan. Very beautiful and tasty shad attract big trout as well. Especially brown trout and landlocked cherry salmon love this baitfish.

In the late 90's , I started to make original flies for brown trout in Lake Chuzenji. Wakasagi come close to the shore for spawning around May and June. After spawning, they become weak floating and wiggling and die shortly. IT is the time when big monster trout dare to come to the shore.

I had a favorite spot in the south shore. Fish takes a fly after long waiting time. Usually you have to leave your fly afloat for a long time. So make sure to stretch your floating line, otherwise coiled line shrinks again to pull the fly toward you. Also strong tippet and leader should be used for big trout hunting. Even in clear water lakes like Chuzenji or Shikotsu (Hokkaido), fish don't seem to care the thick tippet.

After that I got to live in Canada for 2 years and ended up with voracious brown trout chasing salmon fry in the spring. In those days I used muddler streamers but didn't get a good result always. A friend of mine from Japan came to stay with me for a week. We struggled to catch those fish but it was hard. On the final day of his stay, we were surrounded by many fish eating in frenzy. I was at a loss after trying many streamers and my eyes stopped at this original fly sitting in my fly box. I tied it and cast it out. Result came in a second. I gave my tackle to my friend and he had another fish right away. He was happy and left.

Our research kept on. I fished the spot with a local friend. We anchored a tin boat in the middle of the river and caught so many big brown later.

After experiments, I modified the original fly and the latest model was done years ago. Sinking line is also used often in streams and lakes. This fly has a specially designed tail, which creates odd actions.

We sell a PDF text book for these flies. The details are in it so please buy a copy.

#6-8 Long

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