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Hair Wing Minnow B
ヘア・ウイング・ミノー B
  This simple pattern is close to the concept of the legendary Mickey Finn designed decades ago. These hair wing streamers have become inpopular in Japan nowadays but this still catchs lots fish.

This works well on trout but we like to use it for beach salmon fishing. Especially pink salmon love these sparcely tied shiny flies. Pink salmon come up to the surface before entering the maternal river mouth with tail and dorsal fins out of water like sharks. They look ferocious due to their big jaws, actually they don't chace big minnows. On a calm day, heavy lures, flies tend to scare them so these sparce flies outfish those noisy offerings.

Please choose a wing colors.

Holographic gold
Holographic silver

Blue, Orange, Pink
Red, Yellow, Charteuse
#6-10 Long

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