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Long Hackle Woolly Bugger

  Sizeable Woolly Bugger with long supple hackle. Great looking in the water.

This fly has no internal weight so you can use it from surface fishing on a greased line down to wet fishing on a sinking line. But it is not suitable for cold water fishing or deep water fishing in a high water. Under those situations, flies with extra weights such as cone head, dumbbell eyes and etc.

If you are new to steelhead fishing in North America and don't know what to start with, feel free to contact us for advice.


Hare's ear, Tan, Black
Brown, Dark brown
Rusty brown, Olive,
Yellow, Orange, Red
Purple, Pink, White
Chartreuse, Chinchilla

Grizzly, Grizzly olive
Grizzly chartreuse, Grizzly pink
Grizzly orange, Grizzly red
#1/0-8 Salmon

 Home About us Shopping   Flies  Products  Service Media   Footage  Link Contact  

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