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 BC Double Hackle C
BC・ダブル・ハックル C

  Double hackles shake and wave. Pretty potent fly.

I used to love trad flies with quill wings and stuff and didn't like these flies. But after witnessing the power of these flies many times, I got to like and started to use them often.

Not elegant but works great. These small and fast sinking flies are always effective on chinook(king), coho(silver), steelhead, pink salmon, sockeye salmon and chum salmon.

Basically salmon/steelhead fishing tends to be deep water hunting. This means you might have to fight with snagging
the bottom. If you go with expensive flies, your wallet can throw a towel before you so simple and economical flies are precious. Especially this means a lot on your foreign trip which you cannot tie flies at spot.

Easy on maintenance, stable in balance, durable so we love to use these flies.

Metal eyes are set and the fly has low resistance so these flies sink fast. It is almost useless for low and clear water. Used often for high water and cool seasons.

If you are new to steelhead fishing in North America and don't know what to start with, feel free to contact us for advice.





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