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Viz High Float Midge

   Looks like trash but this fly is one of the best among our midge dry flies. This floats high up on the water and rolls. Even if it is dragged by the tippet, the zig zag motion looks like a real chironomid. Don't forget to pack some of these flies to fish trout streams and lakes around the world.

This is a variation with high viz indicator so that you can see the fly better. But for the finicky fish, visible indicator can be disadvantageous. You might need to clip some fibers, if needed.
Black, Brown, Olive, Olive brown
Light cahill, Gray, Dark gray, White
Medium dun, Dark dun, Light dun
Orange dun, Olive dun, Yellow dun

White, Tannish dun, Pink, Orange
Yellow, Red, Chartreuse


 Home About us Shopping   Flies  Products  Service Media   Footage  Link Contact  

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